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31 to 22 Day 14: Stressed out for him

So the past few weeks have made my body ache. 2 weeks ago, my younger brother injured himself during a  pickup basketball game at his university. He was told that he partially tore his Achilles tendon but he probably  and he was in good spirits and .

This past Tuesday, however, after the Orthopedic surgeon looked at his MRI, he found out it was completely blown and it required surgery. It hurt my heart even more when he was told that he wouldn’t be able to perform athletically for the better part of a year post surgery. It hurt because, outside of his intense studies, sports are his life. I can’t possibly imagine how it feels to be sidelined from a vital section of your life.

Although, the constant ray of sunshine that he is, he’s remained positive through the situation. My family and I leave Sunday morning to be by his side for his surgery, which is Tuesday.

Requesting your prayers, positive thoughts, and well wishes,


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31 to 22 Day 13: Throwback Thursday…High School

Did some more digging through my portable hard drive, and found some old poems I wrote in high school. This one I’m posting today seems relevant due to the coming labor day weekend, also known as the End Of Summer.

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31 to 22 Day 12: From the vaults…The Seashell

I was going through some of my old English assignments and found this…

My life is like this seashell, it has a very distinctive shape. There are coils, bumps, and a few marks of my mistakes on the outside. There are spots of discoloration where I’ve let others just take away from me.  The important part of my exterior are the patches that cover up the chips and holes representing my friends, family and other important people that help me become a better person. This rough and weathered exterior only tries to hide the best part of me the soft pink color of the interior walls that represent my love for God, family, and others. 

Yeah, it’s cheesy a cheesy English essay intro (but I think you got the point.)

See you tomorrow,


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31 to 22 Day 8: Dreamy Saturday

I did nothing today.

Thought about nothing today.

Well, I did do a lot of dreaming today, matter of fact, I’m probably gonna dream some more after I post this. I love dreaming. Dreams are the most surreal things we experience. They can be the most outrageous, magical, blissful, terrifying, things we have ever seen. What’s even more intriguing is that they all relate, in some way, to our waking lives.


See you tomorrow,


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31 to 22 Day 7: Autumn is almost here!

Well, we are quickly rolling through the dog days of summer and pretty soon it’ll be my favorite time of the year.

Aside from my birthday, Autumn is my favorite season by far. Almost as quickly as it came to life in the rainy days of April, the season comes in reminding us that it’s time for the plants, and animals to begin the preparation for winter. Pretty soon God, in all his creative splendor, will pick up a palate and paint a fantastic display with the colors Red, Yellow, and Orange.

It’ll be the time for sitting on the couch with Apple Cider. 🙂 Or taking a walk just looking at nature’s beauty. A time for family, every day is a time for family, but this is the time that we gather with family in love and give thanks for all that we have received over the past year.

Here’s to Autumn,


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31 to 22 Day 6: Whoops…

Okay, I know I missed 2 full days of writing but it was for good reason. I was working out, well, getting back into working out after getting over my cold. I was wiped out. I didn’t even finish my sprints. I felt so weak I just hit the locker room and waited for my dad to finish his work out. That was day 4.

Day 5. I decided to go back to the gym and give it another go. I did better although I had to fight for it. I even got some weights in. I was so proud of myself for going back.

That is, until I awoke this morning too sore to get out of bed. The pain was worth it though.

See you tomorrow,


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31 to 22 Day 3: Trying to get used to this feeling.

The feeling of being the only person at home aside from my father. It’s damned weird. I love my dad to pieces, but it’s so weird with it just being me and him at home.  I mean now i know how my younger brother felt when I left for my freshman year of college.

Let me explain, my younger brother we dropped off for his freshman year at school in another state. We got back Saturday. Today, my mom left to go on a business trip and won’t be back until Wednesday.  So it’s just my dear old dad and me. Nothing really disturbing about that, but what does worry me is that it’s so quiet in the house. Almost disturbing really. It’s not just because I’m afraid of silence, as a matter of fact I rather enjoy the quiet nowadays, but it’s the conversations that will fill the silence that I’m afraid of. When the house is quiet for too long, interesting and very emotional conversations take place. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the conversations. It’s just that this is the first time my dad and I have been alone like this, just us.

Maybe I should make the first move.

See you guys tomorrow,


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31 to 22 Day 2: Got to get it in somehow…

Today, I let time get away from me and for good reason. I’m getting over a cold. Okay, I know getting over a cold is not a serious reason to put off writing.  It actually shouldn’t have been an obstacle to begin with. However, those of you that have dealt with that sinus pressure around the face can very well understand my decision for medication and sleep rather than creativity. I will say that when I awoke I was ready to go and write my post for the day. Although, you can also imagine my terror when I looked at the clock (saying 10:30 p.m. CDT) and realized that I was only 90 minutes shy of my day 2 deadline and not a thing yet written. I am on my laptop with sore throat, puffy eyes, and a nose scarred and swollen from the rough tissues corralling the many sniffles that have plagued me this past week. I am here to make sure that I am following through with my goal even if that includes pulling random words out of  my behind to make sure that I have at least something up for others to see.

Submitting at 11:30 p.m. CDT,

JournalisticJoe (yes! ^_^)