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31 to 22 Day 2: Got to get it in somehow…

Today, I let time get away from me and for good reason. I’m getting over a cold. Okay, I know getting over a cold is not a serious reason to put off writing.  It actually shouldn’t have been an obstacle to begin with. However, those of you that have dealt with that sinus pressure around the face can very well understand my decision for medication and sleep rather than creativity. I will say that when I awoke I was ready to go and write my post for the day. Although, you can also imagine my terror when I looked at the clock (saying 10:30 p.m. CDT) and realized that I was only 90 minutes shy of my day 2 deadline and not a thing yet written. I am on my laptop with sore throat, puffy eyes, and a nose scarred and swollen from the rough tissues corralling the many sniffles that have plagued me this past week. I am here to make sure that I am following through with my goal even if that includes pulling random words out of  my behind to make sure that I have at least something up for others to see.

Submitting at 11:30 p.m. CDT,

JournalisticJoe (yes! ^_^)



I'm a college student and writer. After 2 years in Oklahoma, I am now back at home in the South Suburbs of Chicago. This is where I post my writings and musings, etc.

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