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ColouredWords: Dear Holy Rollers of Facebook

Yes, I know Jesus died for our sin and rose on the third day.

Yes, I know that Beyonce (or other artist/celebrity) is not God’s begotten son.

No, I am not going to repent for being overly ecstatic in this moment.

No, I am not going to repent for rejoicing in someone’s talent. Continue reading “ColouredWords: Dear Holy Rollers of Facebook”

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No, don’t adjust your screen.

I changed my profile. I think it needed it, it was a tad boring. (And, you couldn’t see me festive snowfall on the page.)

Winter’s here in Chicago! Finally, a decent pre-Christmas snowfall and temperature plunge. It’s not really winter if I don’t have to wear gloves or boots.

I’m a bit busier than usual this week, it’s finals week. I forgot how much I loathe it, I also forgot that there are professors who think that their class is the only 3 credit hours you’re taking this semester. I should be back in full force by winter break, next week. Today is my last in-class day, however, I still have some papers to finish for classes through the week. Speaking of which, my last exam for the day, Sociology, is in 20 minutes.

With that, see y’all later,


P.S. Give me your feedback on the new layout, I’m still not 100% sold on it. Look around, see how everything looks and leave a comment under this post. Thanks!