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Happy WordPress Anniversary To Me!

2 years ago today(I started writing Thursday), I started this blog page not at all knowing what I wanted to do with it. And after letting it sit dormant for most of the year, I decided to do the birthday countdown series last September it was a great experience because as much as I love twitter and tumblr, this blog was a more personal and vulnerable space for me. I’ve learned things about myself, you learn things about yourself everyday I know, but this past  year has been one of major growth for me. I’m more open to sharing what I write with people, the need to instantly edit is getting less and less imperative, and, most importantly, I no longer worry if someone I know sees what I put here.

Long story short I’m enjoying this journey to the person I want to be.

Thank you all,


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Okay, break’s over… (A Freewrite)

Hey you,

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? After the holidays, I’ve been in the mode of trying to get back into everyday life.  Although,every time I tries to get back in to the habits of writing my blog, the North Pole decided that it was time for me to dig out some more. I’ve shoveled and salted my driveway more than 6 times since New Year’s Day. Continue reading “Okay, break’s over… (A Freewrite)”