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The thing about a coffeehouse

London Fog Latte/Earl Grey Tea Latte, one of my favorites!

“I love coffee, I love tea, I love the java jive and it loves me, coffee and tea and the jiving and me a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup.”- The Java Jive by the Inkspots

Oh, hey you made it!  I didn’t think you’d be able to find the place, even though I’m regular I still manage to get lost sometimes. Where do you wanna sit? I’ll let you pick our spot we can sit on the brown, worn, leather, couch in the corner near the fireplace, or we can sit at the one of the tables by the picture windows and watch the world go by, or we can sit at the granite espresso bar and watch the barista work the machine. Well, now that you mention it, it still is pretty cold and dreary out there fireplace it is. Here, you take my coat and bag; I’ll get the coffee and meet you over there, what do you want? No, keep it, its fine. Alright, a mocha for me and for you a chai, I’ll be there in a second. (Scene)

Okay, I rarely tell people this, but I love indie, folk, singer/songwriter music, you know the stuff with tons of acoustic guitars, a fiddle, mellow, breathy vocals, brushed drums and the stories of either loves/friends gained or lost, or extended reflections on life, I live for it really. I call it coffeehouse music, considering that’s the place where I usually hear it. Even at home, I always play what I call my “American Coffeehouse” playlist when I’m writing; it helps me when I’m trying to get in that creative mood. I love going there and setting up shop, and just writing be it a paper, or a short story I’m working on. If my laptop was a bit smaller I would take it with me, but I prefer notebooks to write with at the coffeehouse, they keep me from being distracted from writing.

Since I’ve been home, I haven’t been on the coffee house scene much, but I have been to one local coffeehouse, the clientele are much older but their apple cake and Italian roast coffee are everything. That’s the one thing that, miss about being an on campus student. All of my friends had their coffeehouse that they were loyal to or if you were really a caffeine junkie you would hop around to various java joints in town. For instance, my favorite coffeehouse when I was going to school in Tulsa my favorite coffeehouse was, Shades of Brown Coffee + Art, theology majors tended to hang out at The Gypsy Coffee House, Music majors hung out at Kaffe Bona‘s now closed Riverside shop where they would perform on open mic nights, and the hipster photographer set would go to all of these places until the rest of the campus or young Tulsa at large found out about them. Actually, the last time I checked they were hanging out at The Coffee House on Cherry Street.

Shades of Brown on Peoria Avenue, with its home-spun coffee cups, sits in the middle of Brookside, one of Tulsa’s more, hip and happening neighborhood down the way from one of my favorite restaurants, The Brook. When you walked in, it had these off-white, beadboard type, walls filled with art from local painters and sculptors, vintage tufted settees and chairs on the left wall with a shelf of the in handmade coffee cups(by the owner and her mother) , and on the right which was a wall of windows, old wooden chairs and café tables sat. The pastry cooler sat kit corner to the small dividing wall jutting out from the left wall, next to the low shelf with local music and repurposed mugs. The cooler was next to the counter, which in true coffeehouse fashion had a chalkboard menu behind it, in front and off to the left it the handcrafted painted clay coffee cups (which you can buy for $18) and dishes on top of the espresso machine. Pair all this with dimmed, decorative, hanging lights all over and you can see why I love it so.

Here are some of my coffeehouse favorites and how those coffee mugs are made!

Talk to you soon,


<p>Mud masters Melinda Curren and her mother Marcia Borum have been hand-crafting the mugs for Melinda’s coffee shop, Shades of Brown, for nearly three years. This piece takes us to Melinda’s home, where she and Marcia gather often during the week to craft the mugs that help define the Shades experience.</p>



I'm a college student and writer. After 2 years in Oklahoma, I am now back at home in the South Suburbs of Chicago. This is where I post my writings and musings, etc.

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