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Safe and Sound

I’ve been gone since Tuesday because of the storms that went through Chicago that night. My town either had a very strong storm, or a weak tornado? I’m not sure, the weather department still hasn’t said. Aside from a leaking roof/window situation in my parents bedroom and a little water in the basement me and my family are okay. Somehow our street was spared the destruction in the surrounding neighborhood and the rest of the town.

The area I live in is basically a suburb in the middle of the forest so a lot of people had downed and snapped trees in their yards, many trees fell on houses, as well as live power lines, street and traffic lights on the main roads. A big oak was struck by lightning and fell into the power station 2 blocks away from me, knocking out power to our side of town. No power means no sump pump which means a couple of inches of water in the basement. One person on the main road had their garage destroyed. You can even see where the storm moved in the forest preserve with a wide, open, path cutting in the midst of the trees

Thankfully, the rain ended shortly after and the electricity was restored in the morning and the basement is unfinished. They’ve been turning the power grid on and off for the last couple of days because some streets have power and some still don’t and in some cases areas that had power lost it after the storm.

I wasn’t able to get in touch with you all because the storm took out Sprint’s network and AT&T’s phone and internet service which. The first which came back yesterday and the latter which came back this morning. Just writing to tell you, I’m fine and the family’s fine now we’re just helping our neighbors clean up.

Talk to ya soon,




I'm a college student and writer. After 2 years in Oklahoma, I am now back at home in the South Suburbs of Chicago. This is where I post my writings and musings, etc.

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