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Because Today Is Gonna Suck


I am admitting my defeat at 10:45a.m. This defeat comes on the tail of a night where I caught less than one hour of sleep, however, it wasn’t too bad. I did get to see one of my favorite writers, Junot Diaz, at the University of Chicago last night which was AMAZING. BUT, when I got home my dad was waiting for me and he asked me to take a sip of his coffee.

He says to me, “Taste that, I told them I wanted large decaf with 10 Equals and that tastes too sweet.” I took a sip of the drink and sure enough it was sugar most likely ten packets of them. So back to Dunkin Donuts we go, they give my dad his correct order for no extra charge, while my happy ass continues to sip the ten sugar mistake decaf. We got home I pulled out my chocolate chip cookies, and finished the coffee and took my happy ass on to bed where I proceeded to lay awake in bed. It wasn’t until around 5 this morning that it dawned on me that I in my post-enlightened social event bliss drank a decaf containing TEN. DAMN. SUGARS. at 11 o’clock in the evening and my body is WIRED.

So as a result I am trying to make it on faith, prayer, and red bull.

I would wink, and smile but that would require me to close my eyes and that is a no go today so just take a overly caffienated smile,


P.S. Sorry for the hiatus, I’m forcing myself back into the groove of writing, I’m going to give scheduling my blog a try.

P.P.S One of my RL friends recently started her wordpress, check her out here. She’s a filmmaker/screenwriter/film historian. If you enjoy everything Old Hollywood, this is the dame to follow.



I'm a college student and writer. After 2 years in Oklahoma, I am now back at home in the South Suburbs of Chicago. This is where I post my writings and musings, etc.

2 thoughts on “Because Today Is Gonna Suck

  1. I’m so weak off of this story! Ten sugars, how big was the daggone cup?! And thank you for the shoutout! I clicked the link like “Oh, who is this?!” lol

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