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#52Essays2017 Wk. 13 The Space Program

“(Move on to the stars) There ain’t a space program for niggas. Yeah, you stuck here, nigga.” Continue reading “#52Essays2017 Wk. 13 The Space Program”

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We Bring Flavor to EVERYTHING: Cheerleading/Stomp-N-Shake

Harding University High ’s COLD GOLD Cheer Squad

I love cheerleading, I have always wanted to be a cheerleader. Last year, I discovered a style of cheer that just proves that black folk bring the flavor to all that we do! I STAN for the Stomp-N-Shake/JAM style of cheerleading. SNS was started and popularized in the late 60s/early70s in D.C./Virginia and North Carolina. This correlates with HBCU cheer squads such as the Virginia State Woo Woos, the Winston Salem State Powerhouse of Red & White and the Blue Chips of Saint Augustine’s University

This group of youngsters hails from Harding University High School in Charlotte, NC, coached by a former WSSU Powerhouse member and these kids BRING IT!!!!!

Aside from having a good squad, Harding also has a place in the American history for being the place where these iconic photos of Dorothy Counts were taken in 1957. Counts was the first black student to desegregate the then all-white Harding High.