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Friday Features (on Saturday) : LeToya Luckett

Flashback to Wally World, late summer 1999, I was a kid tagging along with my mom on the dreaded back to school. We walk by the electronics section and Bills Bills Bills is playing on all the demo boom  boxes, kids and teens all in the aisle dancing on the low, the beat even getting to some of the grown ups.  I like almost everyone else that summer was a fan of Destiny’s Child, Bills Bills Bills turned out the be the song of the summer that year and DC  scored their first hot 100 #1 on Billboard and was skyrocketed to crossover fame.  The Writings on The Wall ended up going platinum many times over. As I became a fan of the group, I was OBSESSED WITH THEM. I knew all their names, Beyonce, Kelly, Latavia and LeToya. However, if you know the story, the group started and ended the promotional era with four members BUT they weren’t the same four as Latavia and Letoya were let go (rather sloppily by Matthew).

We hadn’t really heard much from the two aside from them going to court. Seven years later, I am riding the bus home from my freshman year of high school and I hear the DJ drop the debut single Torn by LeToya,whose voice I never recognized I at the time didn’t even recognize (because let’s be real all of DC’s Singles until DCE were mainly Beyonce and Kelly’s vocals). It was as if fate had come full circle, LeToya on her own. Such a sweet, smooth soprano. Torn became the ringtone for every teenage black girl I knew. Her debut album was pretty R&B that repped H-Town to the fullest with heavy hitters like Slim Thug, Paul Wall and Mike Jones. She followed the success of her debut with Lady Love in 2009 before a foray into acting kept her away from seven years.

Now back with the album Back 2 Life,  a matured Luckett explores a sexier yet still sweet sound the third time around. The album even has a thrilling “miniseries” accompanying it. The first two promotional singles Back 2 Life and Used To combine Luckett’s music with the gems that she’s learned in her years as an actress. The final video is yet to be announced, however I’ve made a brief playlist with my favorite Luckett tunes with songs from the latest album and her earlier works as well. Enjoy!

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