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Dear Bill Maher,

TW:  passage below contains usage of the N word with the ER

Coming from a complicated line of house and field niggers lets get one goddamned thing straight. You are not a house nigger. No, you are something far worse than that, if we are going to incorrectly use slavery as the metaphor for democracy.  You sir, are that damned Northerner that no one on the plantation could stand. You come down from New England/New York all high and mighty. Trying to drill your southern cousins on how they are stupid for owning human beings and how slavery is a barbaric business. All the while, feigning pity on us while we toil in the kitchen, tilling in the fields, tending the master’s children. Shaking your head in shame as you see us being abused verbally, and if you’re nosy enough, physically. However, not wanting to make your visit unpleasant, you’ll say another witty and cutting comment. but won’t really speak up enough to disturb the peace.

You’ll go back up north, and tell all of your educated and snobbish friends how wretched your visit to the south was and how boorish and backwards they are. Meanwhile, you’ll most likely go back to turning a blind eye to the plight of black folks that do live in the north where you are albeit where many of them live in neighborhoods nowhere near your address because your city probably has restrictions on where blacks can live. You’ll write your books condemning the ideals and institutions of the south and will probably be successful because ridiculing the south is just good business. All the while, not really caring about a single soul that’s been lost in it’s grasp.

I would close this letter with something like think carefully about what you say. Yet, it’s been apparent for years that you’ve calculated any and every thing that you’ve said over the past two decades. So I say simply…

Fuck you,




I'm a college student and writer. After 2 years in Oklahoma, I am now back at home in the South Suburbs of Chicago. This is where I post my writings and musings, etc.

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