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Vintage JoJo, Resort 1997/ Spring-Summer 2004

I was going through some stuff from around 4th-6th grade. In grade school, I loved experimenting with the way I wore my clothes. I wanted to take away from the fact that my family couldn’t afford what other kids at my school were wearing. Constantly picked on because I didn’t have the Jordans, the LUGZ the K-Swiss, the DADA Sprees, just Payless’ finest. Yet I loved watching CNN’s fashion coverage before they went to a trash 24 hour doom cycle. Looking at Naomi, Linda and Yasmeen being gorgeous. I adored feminine dress, I was growing in the era of Tom Ford for Gucci, the Golden Years of Versace and Azzedine Alaia. I tried my hand in embellishing (read: stapling or tying) various things inspired by what I saw McQueen and Gaultier doing on the runway. I shredded a pair of jeans trying to turn them into Old Navy Flares before realizing I couldn’t sew.  Continue reading “Vintage JoJo, Resort 1997/ Spring-Summer 2004”

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Harper Theater, Hyde Park, Chicago, 2015


A picture I took last year. I can’t put into words how much Hyde Park/Kenwood is my favorite neighborhood in Chicago. I’d say it’s one of,  if not the, most diverse neighborhood in the city. Well, at least it was until gentrification reared it’s ugly head. Hyde Park is changing, as is most of the south side. It’s really a sad & interesting thing to see when you’ve grown up in the area.

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Because Today Is Gonna Suck


I am admitting my defeat at 10:45a.m. This defeat comes on the tail of a night where I caught less than one hour of sleep, however, it wasn’t too bad. I did get to see one of my favorite writers, Junot Diaz, at the University of Chicago last night which was AMAZING. BUT, when I got home my dad was waiting for me and he asked me to take a sip of his coffee. Continue reading “Because Today Is Gonna Suck”

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Safe and Sound

I’ve been gone since Tuesday because of the storms that went through Chicago that night. My town either had a very strong storm, or a weak tornado? I’m not sure, the weather department still hasn’t said. Aside from a leaking roof/window situation in my parents bedroom and a little water in the basement me and my family are okay. Somehow our street was spared the destruction in the surrounding neighborhood and the rest of the town. Continue reading “Safe and Sound”