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31 to 22 Day 23: From the vault… 9/11

This post is a retrospective I wrote on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Follow after the cut…

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31 to 22 Day 12: From the vaults…The Seashell

I was going through some of my old English assignments and found this…

My life is like this seashell, it has a very distinctive shape. There are coils, bumps, and a few marks of my mistakes on the outside. There are spots of discoloration where I’ve let others just take away from me.  The important part of my exterior are the patches that cover up the chips and holes representing my friends, family and other important people that help me become a better person. This rough and weathered exterior only tries to hide the best part of me the soft pink color of the interior walls that represent my love for God, family, and others. 

Yeah, it’s cheesy a cheesy English essay intro (but I think you got the point.)

See you tomorrow,